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Recovering Your Facebook Ad Account / Page: Essential Actions


Running Facebook ads comes with its share of hurdles, and one common challenge is encountering ad disapproval. However, this setback is usually manageable. Adjusting the ad copy or creative and resubmitting for review typically resolves the issue without much hassle.

If you are faced with the unfortunate scenario of a disabled Facebook ad account, the road to recovery may require some patience. However, it is important to keep a cool head and avoid panicking. Remember, Facebook has a vested interest in retaining advertisers, making permanent bans rare.

When faced with a disabled Facebook ad account, it is important to maintain perspective – it is not the end of the world. We speak from experience as a digital marketing agency, we have navigated through this scenario countless times. Given the diverse portfolio of clients we serve, occasional ad account disablements are something we are well-equipped to handle.

It is the stuff of nightmares. After painstakingly crafting your audience targeting, meticulously crafting your ad copy, and meticulously designing your ad visuals, the last thing you expect is to receive a notification that your Facebook ad account has been disabled. It is a terrifying situation but take solace – it is not the end of the world. There is still a chance to revive your Facebook ad account, and in this article, we will show you how.

Insight into the Reasons Behind Facebook Ad Account Disabling.

Numerous business owners often lament that their Facebook ad accounts were disabled without cause. However, the reality is quite different. Facebook does not disable ad accounts arbitrarily; there is always a reason behind it.

Beyond examining the ad’s elements and targeting specifications, Facebook extends its review to include your website. By comparing the website to the ad content, Facebook’s algorithms can determine whether the landing page is consistent with the advertised product or service.

Additionally, Facebook ads are required to adhere to a multitude of community standards and advertising guidelines.

Understanding Facebook’s Ad Policy Framework.

Oftentimes, individuals neglect to review these pages, deterred by the extensive reading involved and the perceived lack of relevance to their business endeavours. Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to take the time to familiarise themselves with these resources. Doing so ensures a comprehensive understanding of ad content regulations, mitigating potential challenges down the road.

Facebook’s Guidelines for Community Behaviour.

In addition to Facebook’s ad policies, the platform’s community standards provide essential guidance for advertisers navigating the platform’s advertising landscape. Nevertheless, ad account disablement may ensue from user reports. If your Facebook page, posted content, or ads are flagged by users, Facebook may deem it necessary to disable your ad account temporarily for review.

Reinstating Your Disabled Facebook Ad Account: A Guide.

In the unfortunate event of having your Facebook ad account disabled, there are several avenues available for its reinstatement.

Request for Reappraisal.

Upon being informed by Facebook of the disabling of your ad account, you should observe an option to request a review, effectively restoring the operational status of your account.

Take the necessary steps by clicking on the specified option and adhering to the instructions displayed on the screen. Look out for the option enabling you to articulate why you think you have not infringed any rules. Furthermore, consider uploading your ID for verification purposes, as this commonly streamlines the resolution process.

Despite your anticipation, it is advisable to manage your expectations regarding the feedback timeline. Whether the outcome is favourable or unfavourable, Facebook’s assessment of your ad account can span anywhere from a mere two days to several months.

Facebook Support Hub.

An alternative is to contact Facebook support, yet this option is exclusively open to those with active ad accounts and a payment history.

if you wish to engage with Facebook live support regarding your disabled ad account, navigate to the Facebook Business Help Centre where you will find a button labelled “Still Need Help?”

Next, you should see another window with options such as “Get Started,” “Get Support,” and “Chat.” Proceed by filling out the form provided and then click on “Start Chat.” Following this, expect to be contacted by a Facebook ads representative via Messenger within a few minutes.

Whether you are an entrepreneur aiming to boost sales or an ad manager overseeing campaigns for a prominent enterprise, having your Facebook ad account disabled can induce anxiety and exasperation. Upon receiving notification of the account’s disablement, it is imperative to act swiftly to mitigate any potential disruptions. Fortunately, Facebook often restores access within a few days.