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What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or Seo in its abbreviated term, is essential to any online business, as it helps qualify customers for your business or service offering. 97% of Customers who are looking to make a purchase or find a service online. Will use google or other search engines to search through before making a decision to purchase a product or fulfil a service requirement. As a sales business or a service provider your website needs to be ranking high in the serps results (search engine results pages), to get in front of the competition and command the lion’s share of the search traffic who are looking to buy a product or fulfil a service. 75% of internet searchers never go beyond the first page delivered from the search engine, for a search query made. It is important that your website is achieving page 1 results, so that your business or service offering is exposed to the search traffic who are looking for what it is your website has to offer.

Don’t Miss Out.

If your business is listed beneath your competitors, you are missing out on valuable leads and potential buyers that your competitors positioned above you are getting. To achieve high page rankings, a Structured and Comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Campaign is required. As every business and its website are different, a bespoke campaign strategy is needed. By creating a bespoke plan for our clients, we can define our keyword targeting and keep ahead of the curve.

Three simple steps

How It Works.


Step One.

We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your current website ranking, whilst assessing both on-page and off-page factors. Take a deep dive into your market niche and your competitors on-line who are within that niche. Check out your current analytical profile and that of your competitors, particularly those competitors who are achieving the top ranking positions in the search engine results pages (serps).

Step Two.

On-Page we Identify the best keywords through keyword research and competitor analysis to bring the right search traffic to your business who are looking for what it is your website has to offer. Whether that be products or a service industry. We then build structured content to these keywords and optimise your pages for both the user experience and search engine approval to deliver your pages when search queries relevant to your products or services are made.

Step Three.

Improve your websites trust and authority by building a backlink structure that is paramount to achieving your positioning in the search results pages. Domain Authority is a factor google give high importance to when ranking your website on their search results pages. Carryout a technical audit of your site to identify any issues that have an effect on robot crawlability which can negatively impact your rankings, and make the relevant improvements needed to correct them.

Achieve higher rankings

Helping to Build and Deliver Your SEO Campaign.

Our team at Athina Digital can help you achieve higher rankings in the search engine results pages for both your website and products. All customer search starts with a keyword or keyword phrase. We can identify and define what keywords and keyword phrases your potential customers are searching with that is relevant to your business, the words that web searchers in-put into the search bar when on-line. Coupled with an in-depth keyword analysis exercise, we would determine what keywords or keyword phrases your competitors are achieving the top ranking positions for, and therefore identify the best keywords and relevant search traffic proven for your business and products.

Competitor Analysis helps to uncover the DNA of your competitors. We identify both on-page and off-page indicators and assess the value points in both. For example through on-page analysis we identify competitor keywords, both high volume & low volume, and content strategies used within the structure of the website pages. Off-Page analysis and indicators such as Domain Authority Metric, Backlink analysis and authority assessing both their value and niche relevance.

Achieve higher rankings

Digital Support to get your business going.

Domain Authority or DA as it is also known, is another factor that requires optimisation. Domain Authority is seen as a strong indicator by google and other search engines as a trust value metric. Backlinks are the link from one website to another, through which trust value flows. High Value Backlinks obtained from websites which are relevant to your niche, will increase authority and help in ranking your website higher in the serps results as well as increase your websites trust value. Building the right backlink structure is essential to your success, as google sees it as one of their most important ranking factors, when determining where your website is positioned. Google Algorithms are constantly updating, which means that seo is continually on the move, to keep abreast of these updates.
Engaging Blogs and High Quality informative page content built with relevance are also some of the core requirements needed to build Domain Authority.

A Technical site audit carried out on your website can help in detecting what if any irregularities that could be impacting the overall run ability, and to some degree the ranking authority of your website. Issues such as site and page loading speeds, broken links, validations and poor crawlability where present will need to be addressed and improved.

We will make recommendations to improve your backlink structure and value output.


“Been a client with kev for over 3 years now. We are very happy with the seo service ranking high on page 1 google for all our keywords. Our Google PPC advertising has grown massively bringing in new customers to the business we have taken on another 2 staff to follow up and close the enquiries we are now receiving.”

– Jordan Ord at


“I have been working with kevin at athina for 12 month now and the service has been amazing. Due to his help my business has grown fast a very friendly and knowledgeable guy.”

– Steven Jones at

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