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Local Businesses often find it a challenge to obtain visibility online and get their products or service offering in-front of their target audience who are most relevant to them. Google Ads PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an online advertising model that enables businesses to feature on google search results, with charges incurred only when the user clicks on the ad. This proves to be both a powerful and effective method for driving targeted traffic who are searching for your products or services, concurrently boosting both brand visibility and sales conversions.

We are conveniently located to respond to all your Digital Marketing needs throughout Sunderland. Covering all the following districts Carly Hill, Castletown, Downhill, Fulwell  Hylton Castle, Marley Pots, Monkwearmouth, North Hylton, Redhouse, Roker, Seaburn, Sheepfolds, Southwick, Town End Farm, Witherwack, Ashbrooke, Barnes, Sunderland City Centre, Deptford, Doxford Park, East End, Farringdon, Ford Estate, Gilley Law, Grangetown, Grindon, Hastings Hill, Hendon, Millfield, Pallion, Pennywell, Penshaw, Peterlee, Plains Farm, Ryhope, Seaham, Silksworth, South Hylton, Springwell, Sunderland Docks, Sunniside, Thorney Close, Thornhill, Tunstall, Warden Law, Houghton Le Spring, Newbottle, Fencehouses, Burnside, Chilton Moor, and New Herrington.

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Helping You Succeed

In Driving Growth For Your Business.

As a PPC Agency in Sunderland our objective is always to help your local business succeed online. Delving into paid advertising is an investment that directs your local business to its audience, fostering an improved online presence along with a range of financial benefits. Whether you choose Google, Bing, You Tube or any other channel, the prospect of growth and financial success for your business is achievable through PPC Advertising. Our approach involves pinpoint targeting to connect your business or service offering, with the audience that is looking for it, who are interested in your products or services, within the Geographical Locations that hold value for you.



PPC Analysis.

What We Do.

Immediate results are a standout advantage when running paid ads for your local business. By swiftly building and launching a PPC Ad Campaign, you guarantee a fast exposure of your business to your local target audience searching online. The PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model functions as an auction, where advertisers contend for ad visibility when users conduct searches with relevant keywords. Advertisers declare bids specifying the highest payment they are willing to allocate for a user to click on their advertisement.

Keyword Research:  

The first step in bid management is selecting the keywords for which you want your ads to appear. Thorough Keyword Research is fundamental for an effective PPC Ad campaign. These keywords should be relevant to your business, products, or services and align with your advertising goals.

Ad Creatives:

We will build out compelling ad creatives, including headlines, ad copy and visuals. That are both relevant and align with your local business objectives. Creating Ad Groups and Campaigns for better organisation.

Budget Allocation & Bid Strategy.

Advertisers will set a daily or monthly budget for their PPC Campaigns. This budget combined with the bids determine both how often and where the ads are displayed on the serps page.


Bid Management.

This involves developing a bid strategy, which may include manual or automatic bidding, dependent upon your campaign. Manual Bidding requires constant monitoring and adjustment of bids based on performance. While Automated Bidding uses the algorithm and machine learning to adjust bids automatically.

Monitoring, Adjusting & Competitor Analysis.

This involves ongoing monitoring of the campaign performance. Key metrics are analysed such as CTR (Click-through-rates), and CPA (Cost per acquisition). Based on the data from these metrics bid adjustments may be made to Maximise ROI and achieve the overall campaign objectives.



Competitor Analysis.

Competitor Analysis Understanding the competitor landscape is essential. Competitors Bids are monitored for the same keywords and adjustments made to remain competitive.

Ad Positioning.

Bid Management influences ad positioning on the search engine results page. Higher Bids can result in higher ad placements, improving visibility and click-through-rates.

A/B Testing

Bid Management often involves A/B testing, where different Bid Strategies or Amounts are test to identify the most effective approach for achieving your campaign goals.

Effective Bid Management is crucial for achieving a balance between maintaining a competitive presence in the auction and ensuring cost effectiveness in your PPC Campaign.

Why Choose Us?

We fully understand that each business is unique, and we take the time to tailor PPC Campaigns that fit with your specific goals and target audiences. Our commitment involves understanding your business, industry dynamics and the competitive landscape. We are committed to crafting personalised techniques, so our clients receive a solution that not only fits their needs, but also maximises the impact of their advertising budget. With our experience we can save you time and money, while our data driven approach helps to deliver you results, whether your objective be brand visibility, driving website traffic or boosting conversions.

PPC Agency Sunderland & SEO Marketing. (Bespoke for Your Business).

How We Can Help Your Business Grow.

Athina Digital is a Local Sunderland PPC Agency consisting of a team of Local PPC and Seo experts who are committed to ensuring your business’s prominence on Google and other major search engines, strategically within the geographical locations that matter to you! Over the years we have been instrumental in enabling numerous UK businesses to secure prominent local search rankings for some of the most challenging keywords in their industries.

Whether it is Paid Search or Paid Social, our PPC marketing services are tailored to make sure your business is visible to your ideal audience. We take pride in being your proactive partner in fostering business growth. Our team comprises specialists in every PPC Channel, covering Google Search, Google Shopping, and various Social Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, and more.

As small to medium business PPC management specialists, our primary focus is on delivering exceptional value in our services. We construct profitable, high-impact campaigns from the beginning, always seeking opportunity to test, fine-tune and optimise your campaigns for the best possible return. Our priority is to provide the best value for money in all our services.


“Been a client with kev for over 3 years now. We are very happy with the seo service ranking high on page 1 google for all our keywords. Our Google PPC advertising has grown massively bringing in new customers to the business we have taken on another 2 staff to follow up and close the enquiries we are now receiving.”

– Jordan Ord at webuyanytruk.com


“I have been working with kevin at athina for 12 month now and the service has been amazing. Due to his help my business has grown fast a very friendly and knowledgeable guy.”

– Steven Jones at sjonessurveying.co.uk

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