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Paid Social.

Managing your socials

What Is Paid Social?

In short it is about managing and maintaining social channels to target prospecting customers with advertising that is relevant to their likes and interests. To achieve your marketing goals attracting both leads and customers for your business.

Your Future customers are spending hours and hours daily on social media platforms. On facebook alone there are an estimated two billion monthly active users making facebook and Instagram powerful marketing platforms. It’s sister platform Instagram has over 1 billion active users.

Don’t Miss Out.

With other social platforms such as tik-tok, you tube, twitter and LinkedIn to name a few the reach of social media is massive. Through this, paid social media advertising is a great medium to get your business, your brand or service offering out amongst the masses who are highly engaged on these platforms.

Achieve fast results

A Complete Social Media Service Done for You.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is a fantastic way, to place yourself right in-front of your consumer audience and achieve fast results. After the initial set up of campaigns, and launch testing phase most businesses obtain interest, leads and sales within days. We will manage and construct your ads to entice your target audience by using analytics, demographics and behavioural interests from within the platform to optimise your ad delivery and performance.

There are a number of advertising formats you can choose from when starting a Facebook or Instagram Ad campaign:

Image Ads.

A great creative to capture your target audience’s attention when scrolling through their feeds, prompting them to pause scroll and convert to your website or landing page via a link, converting that interest and curiosity into revenue.

Video Ads.

A great medium to show your product collections or demonstrate your products in action. Video is a great media in exercising creativity around your product or service offering.

Carousel Ads.

Give you the opportunity to display multiple images or videos up to 10 images or videos can be created. Great for highlighting and promoting multiple products, especially effective with shopping ads.

LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn is a platform built to service business to business (B2B) users. The platform is highly effective in targeting industry experts and professionals, who use it network and further their professional development, and to find solutions to pain points within their business platforms. Advertising on LinkedIn offers a full range of options sponsored content, sponsored in mail, text and dynamic ads. As well as many options to filter, target, and home in on the demographics that are relevant to your business goals.

Understanding your business goals

Helping to Deliver Your Paid Social Media Campaign.

Paid Social offers access to future customers who hang out consuming content on these large platforms. By offering the opportunity to place ads through strategic demographic and interest placements right in front of the very people who are interested in the products you have to sell, or services that you have to offer. Social media platforms hold a lot of data and information about the people who use their platforms, this helps in identifying the audience your ad campaign is designed for. By taking the time to understand your business goals, we can define your audience and target them with compelling ad creatives. It is said that approximately 74% of buyers and service consumers turn to social media to help them make decisions about what they purchase.

The costs associated with paid social advertising on platforms like facebook and Instagram is minimal in comparison, and the reach much larger to the more traditional types of advertising such as radio ads, tv ads and other general advertising formations. Business owners and service providers have not all embraced and can still be resistant about buying into the power of paid social advertising, as they have little knowledge or understanding of the potential reach of a paid ad or the costs associated to it.


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