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About Us.

There are approximately thirty plus billion webpages in the google index alone, and a very large number within other search engines out there on the internet. Getting your business visibility to be found by potential customers from within this massive library of pages requires focus, effort, and determination. We believe in investing time into our client relationships, so that we are responsive to their business needs, whilst remaining focused on building a consistent return on investment for them.

About us

What We Do.

We work with Paid Social, PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO, to develop and create both a powerful and reliable sales medium for your business.

There is no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to getting results for your business. In the main it’s hard work, small fixes that get the results you are aiming for. We are always focused on delivering these results.

Collaborating with us at Athina Digital you will gain access to a skill set with experience in helping your business to unlock and maximise its full digital marketing potential. We adopt a straight forward approach to your business objectives by planning and adopting a strategy that delivers lasting results. By bringing audiences to your business that are relevant to it, looking for what is you have to offer, and driving increased revenue to this overtime.

Working With You

Helping Your Business To Succeed Online.

At Athina Digital we help businesses from a range of industries get discovered online by their potential customers. By expanding your customer reach to different audiences that you thought would never be of any value to your business.

Whether your business requires a National Digital Marketing Service or an Affordable Local Digital Marketing Service we will find the best keyword opportunities online to match up with what potential customers are actually searching with in your market. Helping your business to grow by attracting the right customers who are interested in what it is you sell or a specific service that you have to offer.

With all the different media platforms and digital messages, out online that your customers see every day. It is of great importance that your business or service stand out from this. Helping you to be found by the right potential customers who are in the right places.

Display Ads are a great way to generate brand exposure. They show up where your target audiences hang out, for example Google, Bing, You Tube, Tik-Tok, news platforms and more. Eye Capturing Images, Videos and Graphics help attract the right audience, leading to more Leads and Sales for your Business.

We approach problems with enthusiasm and determination combined with an attitude that your business will succeed, develop and grow. If you are looking to get new customers within your market, within hours we can have an Ad Campaign built and ready to be displayed in front of your target Customers.

Working with you to to proceed forward in achieving your long-term objectives built around your business goals. We pride ourselves in taking action to always move your business forward.


“Been a client with kev for over 3 years now. We are very happy with the seo service ranking high on page 1 google for all our keywords. Our Google PPC advertising has grown massively bringing in new customers to the business we have taken on another 2 staff to follow up and close the enquiries we are now receiving.”

– Jordan Ord at


“I have been working with kevin at athina for 12 month now and the service has been amazing. Due to his help my business has grown fast a very friendly and knowledgeable guy.”

– Steven Jones at

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